We are a family-friendly Minecraft community survival server.

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Come and craft your new survival adventure!

Family-Friendly Community

We nurture a safe environment suitable for players of all ages. We are more than just a community. We are a family!

Safe Environment

PvP is globally disabled to prevent unruly players. You may still challenge your friends without having to worry about losing your items at the PvP Arena!

Land and Storage Protection

Players can protect their builds and items from griefers and thieves using features such as Lockette and GriefPrevention.

Straightforward Survival

Mitecraft is committed to remaining faithful to the classic Minecraft survival experience. Gameplay is no different from the original gamemode we know and love.

Challenging Gameplay

Server difficulty is set to hard, making hostile mobs more challenging. On top of that, we've added features like McMMO to give you a more engaging survival experience.

24/7 Availability

We are committed to keeping the server running smoothly and guaranteed to stay online every hour of every day so you can play anytime you want.

Goal-Oriented Ranking

Mitecraft's ranking system isn't meant to create a hierarchy within the community but merely a way of rewarding players for their efforts. You can automatically move up the ranks as soon as tasks and requirements are completed.

Reliable Team

The Mitecraft staff team is composed of friendly and mature individuals, all 18+ in age, ready to assist you. You are also guaranteed of very minimal staff interference, giving you complete freedom to play on your own or with friends.

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