Mitecraft Rules

These rules are in place to help us all enjoy an engaging, safe and, above all, an enjoyable Mitecraft environment. If you witness another player presenting a serious risk to other players or the integrity of our server, please file a player report to escalate the problem directly to us. The Mitecraft staff team reserves the rights to change or modify these rules when deemed necessary.


Be polite and respectful towards others. Harassing, trolling, shaming, bullying, sexism, racism, or any form of discrimination will not be tolerated. Treat others the same way you want to be treated. Let’s help each other keep Mitecraft a safe, positive and friendly environment for everyone!


Do not take what isn’t yours; this require_onces tricking others to give you their stuff. You are ALLOWED to take items from abandoned storages or builds. But if you do so on a claimed land, or take items from an active player’s storage, regardless if it is protected/locked or not, this will be considered stealing and is punishable. To be sure, please ask a staff member before you take items to confirm if you are allowed to take them or not.


Do not break what you didn’t make. And although we allow breaking/using of unclaimed or abandoned builds, always make sure to verify that the owner of that build has completely left the build or is no longer active on te server. Best ask a staff member to be sure.


We encourage everyone to play fairly. It is forbidden to hack, cheat, exploit bugs/glitches, use clients or mods that will give you an advantage over other players. Attempting to bypass any in-game restrictions, such as manipulating the AFK system to get more playtime or going beyond world/region borders is also not allowed. If you find any bugs or exploits, report them to any staff member as soon as possible. You just might be rewarded! 😉


Although we allow mild swearing, it is discouraged to do ever so often. As a server that caters to players of all ages, we strive to keep the chat clean and safe for everyone, including younger ones. Please keep discussions on sensitive topics (e.g. religion, race, gender preferences, politics) to a minimum to prevent causing unwanted tension among players.


Do not advertise servers, communities, YouTube channels, live streams, websites, and other content that are not related to Mitecraft.


We do not appreciate any form of spam, whether it be when chatting with others or using commands. Writing in ALL-CAPS, although allowed, must not be used too much as it can also be spammy and clutters the chat. If you want to get the attention of a staff member or another player, just mention their username (case sensitive) and let our built-in server notification alert them instead of repeatedly calling their name out or flooding the chat.


Begging for this never has and never will work, especially here at Mitecraft. Ranks and commands are not given away freely but earned either by completing rank requirements or donating for special ranks. So please, do not ask. We’ll certainly just say no.


Although we have PvP enabled on the server, this is not the main focus or theme of Mitecraft. You are only allowed to engage in PvP with another player/players if they agree to it. We are here play together as a community so do not randomly kill players. Camping outside the spawn borders or nearby claim areas to ambush other players is strictly forbidden.


Mitecraft is a community of players coming together to play survival Minecraft and hang out with others. Do not take the game too seriously. Just relax and have fun! 😀